Seal of Quality for companies in the sports sector

Within the framework of the Itsas Kirol Poloa strategic project, the Urola Kosta Association promotes a specific Seal of Quality for the field of sea sports among the companies in the region. The Itsas Kirol Poloa center will bring together all kinds of activities and projects related to maritime sports, the sea and the blue economy. These central axes emanate from the close relationship that the Urola Kosta region maintains with the sea. And the project was born with a clear vision of projection and international referentiality.

«Ours has been, is and will continue to be a region closely linked to the sea. Based on the seafaring identity of the region, Itsas Kirol Poloa was born as a driving force and symbol of sustainable development in the region. It aims to be an innovative space that fosters collaboration and enhances synergies between agents, to generate, transfer and share knowledge in the socioeconomic ecosystem of Urola Kosta. Research, development and innovation will be encouraged, attracting talent to effectively exploit entrepreneurial activities and promote economic competitiveness.

Quality seal

In this direction, the process for obtaining the seal of quality for regional sports agents has begun. It is a quality seal specifically designed for companies, entities and facilities that develop sea sports services.

The Urola Kosta Association wants to value the professional work of companies in the water sports sector by facilitating the process of obtaining said seal.

It is a very effective tool that recognizes the efforts of companies and gives visibility to all water sports companies in the five municipalities.

For the companies that obtain it, the Seal of Quality will be a clear example of commitment, excellence and continuous improvement of sports services or products.

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