Sustainable Water Sport

La ciencia profundiza en los deportes náuticos sostenibles

EU-funded researchers are working with science enthusiasts and the sport diving industry to make the sector more environmentally friendly

Sport diving is a mass leisure activity enjoyed by millions of people around the world and generates income for coastal communities and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Other benefits related to diving include promoting stewardship of the oceans, contributions to scientific research, fostering social inclusion and personal development. This sport also produces negative effects due to the deterioration or disturbance of marine habitats and organisms, as well as conflicts with local communities over access to and use of the same resources, equality problems or cultural clashes. All of these issues are undoubtedly related to the three pillars of sustainability, which comprise the environmental, economic and social dimensions, and can only be addressed through a systemic approach. The EU-funded GreenBubbles project aimed to make the sector’s activities more sustainable by conserving the natural and cultural heritage of the coastal and marine environment, along with significant socio-economic and environmental benefits, and increasing safe practices.

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